Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This morning...

This morning I received an email from my friend Tammy on Nick's visit & scan yesterday in Cincinnati. They have to return on Thursday for a petscan. The whole experience was very hard on Nick yesterday because they couldn't get the IV in and then after the scan, they were released to leave, only to be called back again for more testing. What a long day for all of them... Tammy sounded worn out and I can imagine Nick was as well. She was requesting prayer but also for people to fast if they were able. I've joined with her on this (actually started over a week ago but today, it intensified this morning with her email & post) and I've been praying and fasting for Nick all day. My heart goes out to her & her family. If anyone reads my blog (yes, I know my sister's read my blog) feel free to visit Tammy's site www.tammynischan.blogspot.com and you'll be able to read more.

Tonight... I lift them up in prayer to the Father, to the Great Physician & Lord of our lives. Father, I ask for Your healing touch on Nick's life. Lord, he's endured so much in the last 6 years... How much more can this young man be expected to take on? Lord, I ask for a miracle... one that can only be performed by Your Hand. I ask that he would receive a good report Thursday and that all the Doctor's & nurses would see Your Hand upon his life. I ask for peace and strength and grace to flow in and through their lives. Hold Tammy & her family up with Your victorious, righteous, mighty right hand and may they feel Your peace in their hearts. 

Thank You for the moments You give Tammy of showing her You are right there with them... in and through all of this. Thank You that You restore, renew & strengthen her soul each morning as she seeks Your face in the midst of the storms around her. Thank You for always coming through for her. Continue to lead her beside the peaceful streams and comfort & protect her with Your rod and staff. Anoint their heads with the oil of Your spirit to keep the tormenting lies of the enemy away from their ears & thoughts. Let it pour over them. 

Gird them up with Your armor to protect them in every way from the flaming arrows that the enemy is trying to fire their way. Place upon them every piece of Your armor so they will be able to resist the enemy during this time in their lives. Then after the battle is over they will still be standing firm. Help them to stand their ground by putting on the belt of Truth - flood their hearts and minds with Your Truth and place upon them the breastplate of righteousness. Put on their feet the peace that comes from the Good News so that they will be fully prepared in every situation that arises. In addition to all of these, help them to hold up the Shield of Faith that will stop the fiery arrows of the devil. Help them to put on the helmet of salvation and to take up the Sword of the Spirit which is Your Word. 

I remember when Josiah was going through treatments... every time he would go into surgery or a new phase of treatment we had this sign between the two of us... we would hold up the Shield of Faith. We would rely on the Scriptures and the assurance we had in knowing that GOD was with us each & every time. It was always such a powerful moment when I would see Josiah lift his shield up to me (which was raising his fist in the air like he was holding a shield)! Still is powerful even now as I see it in my memory!! 

Lord, help the Nischan's through this time... Hold them up in the midst of this storm. Give them reassurances moment by moment of Your love and faithfulness to them. Give them grace & strength for the journey & may they rejoice in YOU...

Joining with you and holding up my shield alongside of yours... Peace be with you Tammy... tonight and through the days ahead. I will continue to pray even as I go to lay my head on the pillow...

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