Thursday, March 10, 2011

the growing up...

This process of watching your children grow up is such a mixture of joy and tears. You go through the birthing process to bring forth this innocent little life. Gradually you teach them all the little things... like sitting up and eating on their own... taking their first steps and then comes the day you put them on the bus for the first time. Through each passing year until finally comes... the day of graduation, when they embark on the beginning of grown-up life. As they begin to make more and more decisions on their own... there is a tearing away that takes place... Suddenly they're out of your hands and standing on their own.

Lately I have been missing my mom. I wish I would have known that she cried on the way home from dropping me off at college. I wish I could tell her that I appreciate all the little things she did for me. I wish I could tell her one more time that I love her. And I find myself wishing... I would have asked a few more questions and taken the time to listen.

As my children are growing up and leaving the nest... I know it's time to let go and let them make their own lives but at the same time... I wish I could have back the days of when they were little and needed me to kiss away the hurts or a trip to McD's for an ice cream cone and talk-time.

All of life is a series of various challenges... it's what builds character right? Hopefully when I come to the end of this life... my character will be shining like gold!