Sunday, January 15, 2012

simply put...

He has chosen me and He will never EVER abandon me!!

He is right by my side... ALWAYS! He will Protect me... He will ALWAYS keep me... He will guard me and by my shelter. 

The opposite of abandon is KEEP. 

He will always KEEP me... He won't ever throw me away... He will tend to me and watch over me... He will never take His eyes off of me... He is in "perfect attendance" to my every step. The Lord HIMSELF watches over me and KEEPs me. 

As I start a new semester tomorrow... these were just wonderful words of assurance that I needed to hear tonight. I love that as I walk into a new day tomorrow... He will be right by my side and He won't leave me... EVER. When I look at the mountain before me... I know that my help will come from the Lord... the Maker of heaven and earth... my Protector and ever present help. 

He is just SO good!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year...

The days that have transpired since my last post have not been uneventful. I have been learning a lot about grace & love... about my own heart issues... and most recently about how HE has chosen ME. I am in awe of God's Grace. I am in awe of how much He loves me. I am in awe at how much He carries me through this journey called life.

In a nutshell:
Just before Thanksgiving I began (again) the Made to Crave study but this time... with my sister Wendy. At first, I have to admit, my thought process was to prepare for the wedding this coming August of my daughter to her wonderful fiance'. Of course... God had other plans and ultimately... my desire became that I wanted to be free of the issues that held me back from being all that God desires of me. He has been changing and transforming me and showing me things on a deeper level... Again... I am amazed at His love & grace.

Christmas is almost always a challenge for me financially as well as emotionally. This year though was different. God reminded me that the true reason for the season was the birth of His Son. While our gifts to the kids were small, I know that it meant a lot to them. For others... I wanted to show them how much they meant to me and to bless each one. God's idea of course blessed them indeed.

The New Year... came in quietly but God spoke to my heart tenderly one evening and it's been on-going through the last several days. He revealed to me the reason behind my food issues and a deep healing has begun. I rejoice in His love & care for me and in this simple promise:

Isaiah 41:9 ~ For I have chosen you and I will not throw you away.

I will share more in the days to come!