Sunday, July 20, 2008

Knowing Him...

Philippians 3:8:
Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ.

What really compares to knowing Jesus? Absolutely nothing... This verse just speaks to me this morning. 

Lord, create in me a hunger for You alone. Open my eyes and reveal Yourself to me. I want to know You, Lord.I want to know You so much more than what I already know... I long to go deeper with You. Somewhere along the line I think I've lost my passion for You. I am reminded this morning that nothing else compares with knowing You. Nothing compares to You. No one else is You. Take me deeper in my relationship with You. Reveal Yourself to me in a new way through Your Word. Show me what it is You want me to know. Show me a new aspect of You. Help me to see it, grasp it, glean from it, and be changed by it. Help me not to just simply read Your word and then walk away and forget what it is I just read. Help me to apply Your Words and let it change me... really change me. Speak to those places in my heart that need to change.


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Barbara said...

I've read and enjoyed all your posts, and they are wonderful! Keep writing very day!! I love you. BB