Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Good morning!

The devotional I read this morning stopped me in my tracks... It had the title of, "The Ministry of Interruptions" and as I read I paused to wonder... How many times have I been irritated by interruptions? A Lot! Lord forgive me for my impatience and for the times where I only see what I'm focused on and not the people and situations around me. Forgive me for the times I feel I'm too busy or too stressed to take the time to really listen.

The scripture passage was found in Matthew 9:18-26. This portion has always meant a lot to me for many reasons. For one, the faith of the leader and the woman are so strong. They KNOW Jesus can meant their need. They don't have any doubts. Today I also saw how they knew that Jesus would take the time to listen and respond. Second, I've always been drawn to the healings that took place in this passage. A child was raised from the dead and a woman was healed from constant bleeding for 12 years! Both of these are significant to me because I've experienced the death of a child and I also struggled for a lot of years with my own physical issues as well as walking through a 10 year period of extreme difficulties. In this passage, Jesus responded - He took the time to listen and to touch.

While the outcomes in this passage are different than what I experienced... my son was not brought back to life and I was not instantly healed... I know that Jesus responded to my needs in both cases - He took the time to listen and touch. 

Lord, help me to be aware of other people around me. Help me to take the time to listen and touch. Thank You for Your touch in my life and thank You for Your patience and understanding with me. I pray that You will send people to my friend Tammy & her family today that would take the time to listen and touch them and love on them with Your love. Shower them with strength and confidence in You. May they feel Your grace through each moment of this day and the days that are ahead. 

My challenge today is to pause and ponder on this but also to look for those people that Jesus would want me to listen to and touch with His love.

Have a great day!

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