Friday, August 1, 2008

Just breathe...

It's always so amazing to me how God speaks to me through the devotionals that I read. This morning I was stopped in my tracks as I turned the page in the devotional to find this verse at the top of the page:

Psalm 46:10:
Be silent, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.

The amplified version says, "Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God." The New American Standard version says, "Cease striving", and the author of my devotion added "stop worrying".

It's so easy to worry, strive for or to try and make something happen. Take for example, the Executive Assistant/Event Coordinator position at work that I would love to get. I've been watching daily for it to be posted. Is it posted? No! Has my daily watching made it happen? No! I have no control over when it will get posted and neither do I have control over whether or not the guy will hire me! What has posted is the QE position that Dan & Briget are looking at me to put in for. A dilemma to be sure. I worried yesterday, "What if I put in for the QE position like they are expecting me to and then the assistant position gets posted?". On the one hand I could apply for both. Better to apply for both and get one or two offers than to only put in for one and not get anything. Still though, the assistant position isn't posted and that's the one I want more! 

The devotional this morning reminded me to just stop... be still and know that God has it all under control. What will my worrying over it help? Not a bit! I know that He will open doors to where He wants me & He will close the doors to where I shouldn't go because I've been asking Him to do that. He reminded me that I need to just sit back and watch and see what He will do with my life. "Listen," He said, "and I will lead you and guide you to where you should go". Instantly I'm reminded of Charlotte and how He would always guide me to my hotel when I was unsure as to where I should go. 

Lord, thank You for reminding me to just breathe, to be silent, to stop worrying, to stop striving for something that I can't MAKE happen. Thank You for reminding me that You are the one in control and that I can trust You for the outcome and to guide me to where You want me to be. Thank You for the reminder that my worrying & striving really doesn't accomplish anything. Just BREATHE.... 


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