Friday, November 14, 2008

A timely prayer...

I've been reading this book lately... it was a book I used as a source in my final English paper for this quarter and it's turned out to be enlightening as well as helpful to my own heart. My final paper was on self-injury and those who do it. Not the most uplifting topic and yet, one I felt drawn to over and over. For those of you who are wondering, self-injury is done by young people and it basically is a behavior in which they intentionally harm themselves, typically by cutting or burning themselves. The reason behind it is usually as a release or a way of coping with the issues they are facing. I have always had a heart for teens and this paper only increased that as this behavior is commonly seen in teenagers and young adults.

God brought across my path in the course of my researching on the topic, a book on this subject that was written by a Christian author. It was healing from a Christian perspective for those who hurt themselves. The book is called "Scars that Wound: Scars that Heal" by Jan Kern - I've learned to give credit where credit is due! =) Anyway, as I was reading this book yesterday on my lunch break - my paper is done but I want to finish this book - One of the chapters closed with this prayer:

"God it's hard to take chances and believe that something different and good can be ahead for me. Help me believe. Give me not only a clear picture of the richness of what you have in mind for me, but also a clear understanding of what I have been settling for. Help me want your best for me. Give me the strength and courage to go forward toward it. And when it gets hard, remind me you are with me and will help me succeed. Amen."

Before this prayer she had been talking about how taking the steps toward healing are sometimes difficult and how we have to come to a point of where we learn to trust that God is with us (major summarizing here). The thing that struck me about this prayer and what it spoke to my own heart is a reinforcement of what I've been feeling for sometime... that God is wanting to take me forward in my life and how I struggle sometimes with being comfortable where I'm at. I prayed this prayer and I am still praying it... That God would help me step out and trust His plan for my life and that He would help me trust in the simple truth that He is always there with me and will always help me succeed in following His plan. 

Just thought I would share... Have a great day and may the Lord help you take steps forward in His plan for your life today. 


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