Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Prayer...

Tonight as I was reading my Bible before going to bed this passage spoke words that echo from my heart:

Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning
for I am trusting You.
Show me where to walk,
for I give myself to You...
Teach me to do Your will,
for You are my God.
May Your gracious Spirit lead me forward
on a firm footing.
Psalm 143:8 & 10

Daily, as I'm  learning how to make adjustments to be less stressed I find myself asking the Lord for His wisdom and that He would lead me on His path. I desire His peace. I desire His leading, to be led forward on firm footing. To KNOW which path to take. I find it's a daily asking, a daily trusting, and a daily.... breathing in of His peace and presence. God is good and He never leaves me hanging... He doesn't disappoint. He's always right there and I'm so thankful.

In the list of 50 Ways to Take Care of Yourself there is one suggestion that states "read a book" so today I read a portion of three books! =) I read my Bible, a portion of a book for my current research paper and a portion of a book on managing stress. I have been enlightened by the Word, touched by the pain young people face and have realized I have given into the "unspoken pressure to put in face time" at work. 

Lord, show me where to walk for I give myself to You. Show me Your way to de-stress. Open my eyes to the hurt around me and help me to realize that it's okay to 'cease striving' and be still.


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