Thursday, March 26, 2009


Changes are taking place all around me...  

Spring is trying to come forth but then... a cold snap has hit. I love spring and yet... I must wait a little longer. 
Three weeks ago I lost a second boss and dear friend at work... 
 a new manager stepped in... and now she is gone as well.
In the same three week time span I have felt a deep grief and now gradually I am beginning to feel a peace which passes all understanding flooding my heart and mind.

This week... 
Monday - I was told about a position in a different department that just opened. I contemplated and began to pray.
Tuesday - I was walking down the steps and had been asking God what to do about this new development and my team (friends) that I am so used to. I was also thinking about the defensiveness I have felt lately at work... suddenly I heard Him say to me, "There is a time to embrace and a time to let go. There was a time to embrace the people and the job you do here but now is the time to let go."  I realized I had been holding so tightly to what I know and the people I know... I had taken it all on as my own... and He was telling me it was time to let go. It is time to let the old things pass away so that new things can begin. With a deep breath I decided to complete the interest form and submit it to my new manager for her review... She left early for the day so I sent it to her after she left. 
Wednesday - Our new manager announced to the team that she had put in her resignation. She had told me the day before as she was leaving but told me she would be happy to review my interest form. We met briefly to discuss her leaving and my interest in this position and she was very encouraging. She told me she thought this would be a good move for me and she would do all she could to help me out. She added her notes to the form and submitted it shortly thereafter.
Today - One of my friends from the new department suggested I come and shadow with them. So I connected with my manager and the manager of the new department... Tuesday next week I'll go and meet the team and will see... I hope it goes well but also... I have a peace that no matter what... even if the door closes and once again I wonder if I really heard Him right... I know that He is in control and that His timing is always perfect. He has a purpose and a plan in ALL things and nothing takes Him by surprise... not even loosing three managers in 6 weeks!

Tonight I begin a much needed four day weekend. I am looking forward to the time away from work to just be able to BE. Tonight... I submit it all into His loving Hands. I cast all of my concerns, thoughts, stress, duties and LIFE in His most capable Hands and as I take a deep breath... I leave it there. Thank you Lord for taking everything and for the peace in know that You will work all things together for my good and for Your glory. I love you!!

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