Sunday, February 15, 2009

...more on Joseph and Moses...

Tonight as I was having some alone time with Jesus He showed me some more things about Joseph and Moses. 

Joseph had this dream and it was confirmed to him several times... but things didn't happen immediately. He spent some time in prison... more than once. We aren't told how he felt. Was he frustrated? Did he question God? Was he angry? The Bible doesn't say but his story reveals a man of integrity.  A man who worked hard in spite of where he was. A man who found favor in the eyes of his superiors. A man that God blessed and worked through in the midst of the waiting period. Even though he was wrongly accused by Potiphar's wife... God honored his diligence and blessed him in spite of how things may have looked. 

Even Moses, God blessed him in the training grounds of being a shepherd. When God called him, he was afraid. Afraid of making the same mistakes, afraid of not being believed, afraid of being laughed at or questioned... even in his fear, God called him and he obeyed. When Pharaoh ignored his requests to let the Isrealites go, Moses would talk to God about it and listen for the next step instructions.

What I saw tonight in both cases was that neither man forced his way or his ideas. Neither man kicked and screamed to get his way. Both were patient and waited on God. Both men allowed God to have HIS way and allowed God to work in their lives according to His plans and purposes. Both men were honored by God and both men found favor in the eyes of those who were in authority over them.

I want to be that way. I want to be patient and follow God's lead. When the time comes where I do get to leave my current job, I want to leave on good terms, in good standing with my superiors. I want to continue to do my job and to do it well in a manner that honors God. I don't necessarily care to be lifted up or promoted or cast in the lime-light but I do want to please God in all that I do... where ever He has me. 

Help me Lord to think on good things... the things that are good, right and true... things that are honorable. Help me to have a good attitude. Help me not to be sucked in by negativity but help me to focus instead on Your word and the truth of Your Word. When negativity is spoken around me... help me to zero in on the truth of Your Word and what You are saying to me in that moment, in that situation. 

Then a song began to run through my head and heart:

Create in me a clean heart, oh God.
And renew a right spirit within me. 
Cast me not away from Your presence oh Lord.
Take not Your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore unto me, the joy of Your salvation...
and renew a right spirit within me.
Taken from Psalm 51:10-12

Create in me a clean heart Lord... one that honors You and has a right attitude. Restore my joy and help me dwell on the good, right and true things.

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Cheri' said...

I was just about to post on your wall and ask you how the baby steps were coming and what God was showing you about your dream, but decided to check your blog first. I'm glad I did -- it filled in the answers I was needing.

It's good to hear what God is saying to you and to see you waiting on His timing! I'm sure it has to be frustrating to wait, but God is working great things in your heart while you wait on Him and His timing!

I love your heart! You're an awesome woman of God and I love you dearly!