Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Details and baby steps...

The last couple of days my Bible readings have had me in the section of the Old Testament that discusses the Tabernacle. Now... I have to admit that a lot of times when I have read this... it's seemed slightly boring to me. These last two days though I have noticed something different... God is really into details. As I was pondering on that thought this morning He brought back a moment in time where someone spoke to me and said, "God cares about all the little details of your life". How cool it is to know that He cares about all the little details... each one... and He doesn't miss a single thing. This is important to me because I have been described as a detail-oriented person and I tend to spot things others miss. If I can see things others miss... How much more God sees! It's amazing! I am so thankful that I can leave the little details of my life to Him to take care of. He will spot when things don't look right and He will take care of them before they cause too many problems. He also knows the best way to take care of all the little details... the ones that are important to me along with the ones that I'm not even aware of. He's amazing!

The other thing He spoke to my heart about today was in regard to the baby steps I am taking. As I was walking tonight He showed me a picture of a little girl learning how to walk. You know the scene.... she's so little and her arms are stretched high above her head holding onto the BIG fingers that are leading her along. With each tentative step she holds on... and is held on to. 

He's leading me... step by step... and He's holding on to my hands each step of the way. He will show me the way to go and He won't let go of my hands. When I stumble... He'll be there to pick me up again. 

At times... I feel like I'm taking those baby steps. Other times I feel like I've slipped and I'm sitting on my behind side. Other times I feel like I'm crawling along... crawling towards Him... to where He reaches down and lifts me back up again and we take another step together. 

On the face of this little girl I see a big smile... a smile knowing she's doing it! I feel that smile when I take another little step. Yesterday I registered for the Math class I will be taking this quarter - I start March 5th. Tonight I went and looked at the book I will need to get - it's expensive! I smile though because it's one more step in the right direction... moving forward step by baby step.

The final thing He showed me was... when you are walking with a toddler who is learning to walk... you are standing over her.... hovering... watching her face, her feet and each step she takes. My Father is like that... He hovers over me with His love. He's watching my face, my feet and each step I take and He is rejoicing with me! ... each step of the way. I can almost hear Him cheering me on! "You can do it! One more step! Hang on! You're doing it!" 

He truly is amazing... isn't He?

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Cheri' said...

Yes, He's truly amazing -- and so are you! I'm so thrilled for you; and it is wonderful seeing you step out in faith and trust.

The pictures God gave you are very precious and very comforting! I know you will keep holding onto those BIG fingers! And it won't be long before you'll be living your dream!

I love you Bonnelle -- you are so very special!!