Tuesday, February 3, 2009

lessons learned from Joseph & Moses...

Over the last few days or so I have been reading in my one year Bible the old stories of Joseph and Moses. As I have pondered on the journey of their lives the Lord has spoken to my heart many things...

~ Joseph had a dream that one day his family would bow down to him. He didn't understand it and was made fun of for thinking such a "foolish" thing and yet... after many years... the dream was fulfilled. He wasn't prideful when that day came but instead he was humble and stated, "What you meant for evil, God has used for good"...
~ Moses wanted justice for the wrong that was being done to his fellow Hebrews and took matters into his own hands by killing an Egyptian. He meant well and yet it didn't turn out so well for him. Instead he ran and spent a long time herding sheep getting prepared for the day when God would call him to lead the Isrealites out of Egypt.

God has shown me this:
In both cases, a Godly desire and dream was planted in their hearts but it took years before it became a reality.
In both cases, God provided a time period of learning and instruction and even humbling situations.
In both cases, God provided a shelter.
In both cases, God's favor remained in spite of their outward circumstances.

Sometimes God plants a dream and that dream comes to life in a short period of time. For example, when we agreed to move here and said Yes to God... we were here in 30 days (that still amazes me!). In other cases, God plants a dream and it takes a long time before we begin to see that dream becoming a reality. Sometimes, we need to grow and learn a lot before we are ready for the responsibility of the dream.

What I believe God is bringing me to is... a point of peace either way. If He chooses this dream to be able to leave my job and go to school full-time to be right now... I have a peace about it. However, if He chooses that I remain where I work for a season and start out part-time... I have a peace about it. Either way... I am at peace. I know that God has planted this dream (know that without doubt) and because it is a God-given dream, I know He will bring it to reality in HIS timing and HIS way. I also know that because God has planted this dream in my heart He will provide... every step of the way... everything that I need.

I have a dream to be a Physical Therapist. To one day be His Hands ministering to the hurting and broken. I have a dream to one day be speaking in to the lives of people I come in contact with... without fear and having my words be His words. I have a dream to one day have His words to me fulfilled:

"You talk with your hands and expresses your heart through your hands. And in the things that are ahead of you, you will comfort, soothe, touch, teach, train, and strengthen many through your hands (wow). Your hands will be an extension of My Hands to others, and just as your hands express your heart -- they will express My heart as well."

This is my dream... this is my desire. I believe it has been planted in my heart by You Lord. I give it to You and I will trust You to fulfill it and bring it to a reality in Your time and in Your way. I believe Lord that You will provide all that I need every step of the way... including the wisdom to GET all that I have to learn! =) I trust You Lord in whatever amount of time this may take. Help me to truly be Your Hands extended..... Oh to be His Hands extended... reaching out to the opressed... let me touch Him... let me touch Jesus... so that others may know and be blessed.


Kate said...

What a wonderful quote. And so applicable to your dream. I love the way you found such a lesson for yourself in Joseph and Moses's stories.

Cheri' said...

I truly believe you will fulfill this dream and you will see your hands being His hands to those you touch!

Keep dreaming and keep moving towards it in your heart and in your trust of God to help bring it to pass!

I'm believing with you!