Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A God reminder...

This morning I received a God reminder of who I used to be... of who I am... of what He has placed on the inside of me. There is a little older lady named Helen who works here with me and 7 years ago she had a sister who was dying of cancer. She had shared this with me and I told her I would pray for her and her sister and her sister's family. I couldn't get her out of my mind so I asked for her address and I went and visited her one day. Out of the blue, the Lord dropped in my heart to take her some flowers and spend some time with her... so I did.

Helen reminded me of this incident this morning and it blessed me and caused me to pause.... I realized once again that somewhere along the line I lost a piece of that person while being here. These people are human and they have lives and family outside of work. They have people they care about who are hurting. One gal I talked to last night in Texas has a Grandma that's dying of cancer and I talked to her for almost 30 minutes... just listening to her heart and the love she has for her Grandma.

This is who I am... I have compassion and empathy placed in me by my Father. This is the Jesus on the inside of me and I believe... I am tapping into that once again. I believe... God is causing it to resurface and that it's time... to be that again. I want to see the people around me as people who have needs and hurts and wounds... that need the touch of the Master.

I am excited when I think about the Physical Therapy program. I'm excited about this goal to pursue and achieve and yet at times... it seems overwhelming and I get a little nervous. When I turn my eyes toward Jesus though I feel His peace wash over me as He reminds me once again that through HIM I CAN do ALL things! If I just hold His hand and follow His lead, I will succeed and will pass these classes. As I seek HIM... He will lead me each step of the way and His wisdom and Grace will guide me and give me clarity. I look forward towards the goal that He has placed on the inside of me.... and I close with this wonderful quote from my devotional today:

"Do not be disturbed by your ignorance. Seek diligently after My wisdom. It will greatly enrich your life. It will bring more tranquility than any other spiritual pursuit. It will bring you greater poise and sense of values than you would ever be able to gain otherwise... Seek My wisdom, and make it the guide of your life. Let the winds blow and storms beat. Your house shall stand."

And finally...
"One event at a time. One hour at a time. One step at a time." ~~ Ruth Bell Graham.

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Kate said...

I can tell what a loving person you are! What a blessing you must be to those around you!