Sunday, October 12, 2008

His Heart spoken to me...

Today has truly been a day of rest. I've been tired all week and then Friday night I was up really late talking with Josiah... had a really busy day yesterday and knew at some point I was about to crash... Today was the day. You know it's part of God's design that we have a day of rest and I read it again this morning when I was reading my Bible. There are many passages in the Old Testament where it talks about the Sabbath day, keeping it holy, a day to rest and just focus on God... There are blessings to taking a Sabbath and there are consequences to not. It was the same for their fields. He required every seventh year they give their fields a rest. When they did, they were blessed and when they didn't, there were consequences. Today... it's so easy to get caught up in the 'doing' of everyday life that we forget about taking time to just rest and focus on Him... at least that's the case for me. However, even as I read this particular passage this morning, and as the Lord nudged my heart, I told him about the paper I have to finish tonight because I have dinner plans tomorrow night and this is another busy week Lord.... and I was stopped in my list and I just felt Him say, "Remember the Sabbath"... 

So this morning, I went to Church and during our worship service there was a time to go forward for prayer. We as a body have been fasting this week and it was just a way to end the fast if you wanted additional prayer for what you had been praying for this week. I went forward and you know... it's always so cool when a stranger prays for you and speaks things to you that only God knows about. It somehow makes the prayer... more  significant and... powerful. This woman that I have never met before just prayed this beautiful prayer that really spoke to my heart. At one point she touched this muscle in my shoulder that is always tense from stress and she just lightly rubbed it and spoke God's heart to me... It was powerful because He was telling me to write about the things I've been carrying... and I just cried... and once again, felt His great love for me. There was so much she/God spoke to me that was just so personal... so God. 

Anyway... so then after lunch I took a nap. Mind you, I was only planning a short nap... I slept for 4 hours!! Like I said, I crashed! =) Afterwards, I still feel tired but I also feel like I did exactly what God wanted for me to do today... REST. 

I guess I share all this because... the Lord spoke to my heart today and I wanted to share a little bit with you about what He told me. I get busy... I'm sure we all do. Today though, He reminded me to rest... and He reminded me that He has called me to write. I see it as a God-given thing that He has placed on the inside of me. I don't know if it will ever reach anyone else but for me... it's therapy and through writing... He speaks to my heart. 

If you haven't rested today... there's still time. Take the time to just rest and focus on Him. Listen to His heart for you... He will speak if you take the time to listen.



Kate said...

I know what you mean about hearing God speak through others. I had a similar experience at the very first time our small group at church met. I was amazed.

I'm glad that you were able to take God's advice and rest as you needed to. It has been such a revelation to me as I begin to see that doing things for God has such a benefit for us, too. How His way is the way for us to live better, fuller, healthier lives.

I think we can grow so much through writing. Having to think through your thoughts enough to able to put them down clearly really takes them to a higher level. And I know that I, personally, benefit from reading what you have to say. Sometimes it makes me think, sometimes it makes me learn, and sometimes it just makes me appreciate God even more fully.

Take care, my friend! I know you'll get everything finished that needs doing. :)

Cheri said...

There's just nothing like the voice of God!

Today I taught the kids in school about the Bible being God's "speaking place"; and how every word was the exact word He wanted recorded. How His words are given to help us through life, to strengthen us, and to direct our path. And sometimes God asks His people to be a "speaking place" to others.

The woman who ministered to you was God's voice -- His speaking place -- to your heart and life. Out of your experience yesterday He is now using you as His speaking place to whomever reads this post today.

To which I respond . . . "keeping being a speaking place, Bonnelle, your words make a difference."