Monday, September 29, 2008

I will take care of you...

These are such... secure words. The Lord whispered to me on several occasions yesterday and each time, they brought tears and a feeling of... peace... security.... and a knowing that once again, I'm in the Hands and arms of the Father.

The thing is... accepting this words requires... trust on my part. Do I trust Him to take care of me? Can I release everything, once again, into His care? Do I really trust Him to take care of me? That's what He requires... that I trust Him. He's been doing a shifting in my life lately and I'm not really sure where He's taking me. I feel there is nothing left for me to do but to trust Him and to trust He has the best in mind for me. I have to admit... there's an element of fear. So many times in my life when words like this have been spoken... something big has happened. "Don't be afraid." He whispers to my heart. "I will take care of you."

I will take care of you...

Jesus, You've never let me down before... even through the big storms of life, You've always been there and yes, You have always taken care of me. So I take a deep breath of Your peace and I say... I will trust You to take care of me. In what ever lies ahead... I trust You will take care of me. Help me to lean on and rely on You in any and every circumstance and situation. Help me to remember Your promise... "I will take care of you".


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Kate said...

I read this a day or so ago when you posted it and just reflected on it. Today, while driving, I was listening to Andy Stanley speak on the Bible and Abraham and trusting what God wants more than anything is for a relationship with us and the foundation of that relationship is built on trusting him, stepping out in faith. And then, after your sweet comment, I came back and reread this, and it was so much of what I heard earlier. God must have been smiling as He heard your thoughts and felt you relax into His arms. :)