Sunday, September 14, 2008

Personal Narratives...

Today, I finished my first writing assignment for my English Comp class. I had to write a Personal Narrative on an event that shaped my life. I wrote on when Josiah was diagnosed with Leukemia. As I sat next to him in the truck this morning on the way to church and again at lunch... I once again marveled at the goodness of God. I am so thankful for His kindness to me in healing Josiah's body and sparing his life. I honestly don't believe that I could have handled the loss of a second child. I continue to pray and believe that cancer is no longer a part of his body and praise the Lord for His healing touch. 

It was kind of interesting to me that Josiah's Leukemia would be what I would write on. I've always thought my writing would be geared more towards the loss of a child and how that affected me. In this moment though, I sense that God is wanting this piece of my story to come out as well. I realize also, that I haven't ever written much about Josiah's Leukemia, even on this little blog. So allow me a few minutes to practice my writing on this major event in my life.

Josiah is my very tall 17 year old son. He was diagnosed with Leukemia in September of 2003 when he was 12. He had discovered flag football that summer and enjoyed every minute of it and at the time, wanted to go on to play football for real. However, life took a turn and the world of hospitals, Doctors and needles entered our life instead. 

He had complained of  headaches and had several severe bloody noses but these were easily explained away due to playing hard or dry weather or maybe he had allergies. One morning he came to me and said he felt a lump on his neck but I was headed out the door so I thought he had just slept on it wrong and it was probably just a knot that would work itself out. Several days later though, he said to me, "Mom, that lump is still there and I think I feel more than one now." At these words, I paused and actually felt what he was talking about and instantly knew, this was not a knot we were dealing with. 

After blood work and a biopsy it was determined to be cancerous in nature and we were sent to Children's Hospital. Our Doctor took one look at him and knew by the little red dots that had formed just since surgery that it was Leukemia we were dealing with. She assured us that Leukemia was easier to treat and there was a higher success rate but that we had to get started on treatments right away. We began a three and a half year treatment plan with chemo, blood and platelet transfusions and a lot of hospital visits. He's been done now and cancer free for a year and a half and again, I'm so very thankful. Josiah is a handsome young man and I'm very proud of him.

This then causes me to say a prayer for my friend Tammy and her son Nick. Nick still battles with cancer and daily they journey through the world of Doctors and nurses, needles and radiation. Lord, I ask for healing for Nick like you have given Josiah. Bless Nick with health and wholeness and fill his heart with Your peace. Strengthen the whole family with Your strength and may they rest in Your unfailing love for them. In Jesus' Name... Amen.



Kate said...

Thank you for sharing your story about Joshua's cancer. What a frightening thing for a parent to face. Thank God he recovered. I will keep him and your friend Tammy's Nick in my prayers.

Cheri White said...

I remember the night you told me the Dr. called to tell you he had leukemia; and being without words to express the pain I was feeling for you, for him and for your family. I remember thinking, "No Lord, please don't let her lose this son too."

It seems impossible to express to God the deep thankfulness there is in my heart every time I see Josiah. We serve an amazing God!

Thanks for sharing your life Bonnelle and the journey you've taken with God through unchartered territory! It's inspiring!

Wendy James said...

Earlier today I viewed some past DVDs & tapes to prepare for CFC's 10th Anniversary next weekend.

What did I see, but the DVD that the school kids made for Josiah because he was gone so much from school that year due to doctor visits, chemo, sickness & such. I sat & cried while watching it, knowing that years later Josiah is healed, God is once again faithful in all things!!

Then I sit & read that you reflected on his life as well. What an amazing God! What a true victory God has brought Josiah through!!

Much love to you my little sis