Friday, September 12, 2008

New this week...

So I noticed this morning that I haven't posted all week! OOpps!  This post will be an update on things.

I really enjoy my English Comp class! What an amazing opportunity God has given me... to be able to learn more about writing and how to improve on something I enjoy! This week our class wrote a five short paragraphs on five events that have shaped our lives with one being our births. We then broke up into little groups. We had to share our paragraphs and then the other members of our group would choose which event they would like to hear more about. It was so interesting to hear little bits and pieces of my fellow students lives. To get a glimpse into where they have been and the things they feel have shaped their lives. 

Isn't God amazing? He takes these things that happen in our lives and uses them to shape us and mold us. Through our losses, we become more compassionate... like Him. One girl experienced racial prejudice throughout her childhood and at one point, she was able to have a diverse group of friends. She learned to accept people for their differences and I thought... how like God that is. He accepts us just as we are and I believe He loves the diversity of His children. You learn things when you listen to others... not just about them, but also about the character of God. I sat and listened to the stories and just thought about how much God loves each of them. He's put me in the middle of this group... to reach out and touch them with His love.

Oh Lord, that I would seize this opportunity, not just for my own gain and learning... may it also be a time where I can touch their lives and show them how much you love them. That You didn't leave her alone every time her heart was broken but that You were there loving her and holding her. Help me show them that even in the midst of their losses, You were there. Let me be... Your hands extended and may I speak Your words.

In Your Name, Amen.


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Kate said...

I bet you are a good listener. That's something I'm working on...that I don't always have to add to a conversation.

Just from listening to you here, I think that you must already be shining God's light on those around you just from your presence and demeanor.

Have a nice weekend!