Friday, September 18, 2009


"Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
Martha Schlaback

I love when the Lord gives you a practical application to something He shows you. As I read this little quote this morning I had to smile because right before I got to it, I was thinking of a situation that came about yesterday afternoon in the cafeteria. I had watched out the window to see a blind woman getting out of a van, as her ride dropped her off at the door. I have seen several blind students around campus but this one in particular caught my eye as I wondered how they do everything without sight. As she disappeared from my view I marveled at how they use their canes and counting steps to get through life. I went back to studying and after a few minutes I heard clicking against chairs. As I looked up and saw this same blind woman as she attempted to make her way through the tables and chairs. Clearly, things were out of place and she was becoming confused as to where she was. I watched her as she stopped to listen to the sounds around her so she could figure out where she was in the room. She turned around and started walking toward a back corner and I knew... she needed some assistance. I approached her and gently touched her arm as I spoke. "Is there someplace I can help you find?" and she smiled at me the sweetest smile. She was intending to go to Student Services and wasn't sure how she had ended up in the cafeteria. She was thinking it was closed. As we began walking I explained where we were and that yes, the cafeteria was open. She told me she would like to get a bottle of pop then so I lead her to the register and got one for her. I waited behind her as she paid. It was one of those moments where you wonder if you should help more or leave to let her handle it on her own. Not wanting to abandon her, I stood and waited. As the gal at the register asked me if I needed anything I told her no, that I was just helping. I asked the blind woman if she knew how to get to Student Services from here and gave her a point of direction from where she was to where she needed to go. As I walked away I asked Jesus to help her get to where she needed to go and that someone would be helpful and kind to her.

I couldn't help but think of the scripture that talks about when you help someone you may be helping an angel. The amazing thing was, though, I was so blessed to have been able to help her find her way. It spoke to my heart in ways I can't put into words. Even now as I'm typing this tears come to my eyes. It wasn't so much about being nice to someone, it was more about being Jesus in a moment in time, in a real and tangible way. What a blessing it was to me... to see my daughter's words to me lived out. "There are people out there who need you Mom. They need your touch and they need to hear your story and they need the Jesus that's on the inside of you."

As I live my life now as a student among so many new faces, daily I am reminded about how the Presence of God goes with me and how I carry His Presence to that campus. It was Jesus who touched the woman's arm. It was Jesus who led the way. It was Jesus who got up when others just sat and ignored her struggles. Oh dear Jesus, help me to see that there are so many people there who are spiritually blind and looking for their way. Help me to be a light there. Help me to get up and go to them and not be like those who just ignore the struggles of others. Help me to daily, touch the life of an angel.

"How will they know unless you tell them?" How will they know unless you touch them? How will they know He loves them unless you love them? How will they know?

Today speak the language of kindness that goes beyond words.


Sheryl said...

wow, where have i been? i had no idea of all the changes taking place in your life. your daughter is right, there are people out there who need you and who need to hear your story. i am one of them.

thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comment!!! i appreciate you so much.

Beckypdj said...

Amen, good job!

Cheri' said...

What a precious thing you did -- and you did it for all the right reasons! I have a feeling there will be many more moments like this one as you move into this new realm! It's wonderful to see you being Jesus' feet, hands, eyes & heart to those around you! Great post!!