Friday, August 28, 2009

new beginnings....

WOW... what a day!

As I sit here on my floor with gifts from my friends all around me... I reflect on the day that it has been. I have good friends where I work... people that I love and care about. People that have come out of the wood-work over the last month to tell me they appreciate me. It has really been amazing! You know... you don't think you make much of an impact but then... suddenly you realize that maybe you made more of an impact then you realize. My daughter has had a similar experience in her returning to school. People that she had class with but wasn't really friends with... have greeted her so warmly... and it's amazed her. Course, any of you that read this that know her know... she's pretty amazing! =)

What I have learned over the course of this week, especially in building up to this meeting that I had today with one of the directors of the company is that people are important and need to feel important... like they matter. People do matter... I think that is part of why I want to go into Physical Therapy. Just to be able to have one on one moments with people. To speak into their lives. To touch them with the touch of Jesus and to love them like He loves them. I know I was doing that where I was... but I want to do it even more so. This week has been amazing. I have talked to more people this week then I have ever talked to at one time before. I had the freedom to just stop and talk and it was so neat! And I shared tears today as I said good-bye to several of those people. If I didn't know without a doubt that leaving is what God wants me to do... I probably would have backed out. But there really is no doubt in my mind. And that's awesome! =)

My challenge to you is... take some time today to bless someone's life. Tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them they do a great job. Tell them they... matter. Tell them that you care. It really does make a difference in their lives and you blessing them... ends up blessing you!

That's all for now!!

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Cheri' said...

Sitting on the floor surrounded by gifts from those who love you! What a great picture of the grace of God on your life!

You were continually faithful at your job and allowed God to use you to encourage and sow into others and now you have received gifts in the natural realm -- but really they are symbols and reminders of the treasures you have stored in heaven!

Well done, good and faithful servant Bonnelle!!