Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today was supposed to be a day spent studying. A day to accomplish a lot in the realm of learning. Well what I learned was NOT Chemistry. What I learned was that our Father is amazing. Yes, I already knew that but I just have been amazed lately at how He doesn't always care about what we think our schedule should hold. The last couple of days He has taken me to blogs of mom's who have lost a child. Yesterday during what I thought would be a brief study break, He had me explain our story of loosing Gerad to a friend from high school and to pray with her about her fear of her daughter driving a couple of hours away to a game.... only to address my own fears a short time later.

Distractions are things that keep us from our goal. A definition I found is: "
that which distracts, divides the attention, or prevents concentration". Sometimes this is a bad thing because we loose focus. Granted, I have lost focus and will need to spend a lot of time catching up but.... sometimes I believe God allows the distractions to get us to see that life is more then just checking off things on our "to do" lists. Life is about taking time to read blogs of hurting people, to weep with those who weep, to listen to fears and to take the time to pray over those fears on instant message... Life is about seeing the Hand of the Father directing your every step and trusting Him for the rest.

I guess my point in this post is just this... thank you Lord for the distractions that broaden my scope of things. Thank you for reminding me that there are people who need prayer and encouraging words. Thank you Lord for the reminder that you are never to busy to hear our hurts and our hearts. Thank you that you take the time to listen. Thank you Lord that you will now redeem my study time and that since you are the Master Teacher you will infuse me with your great wisdom and understanding!

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