Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year...

...and a new day. I love New Year's Eve and New Year's Day... it marks for me the time to put away the old and look forward to the new. I am excited for what God has in store this year. I am excited to find out where He wants me to go to school next fall as another option was revealed to me a couple of days ago. I look forward to getting through each and every class by passing with a reflection of His excellence and great wisdom! I look forward to gleaning new things from His word. I look forward to meeting new friends and having coffee with current ones. I look forward to all the things He wants to do in and through me that I can't possibly think of or even imagine! I look forward to... HIM!

Here is a prayer I received this morning from my friends at Proverbs 31 Ministries. I have only changed the "we" to "me" in an effort to personalize it. May it speak to your heart like it has mine.

Father in heaven, thank You that You are All Authority in heaven and on earth. Thank You that You led me here today. You know my every need, my deepest desires, and my hurting places. Lord, as I seek to know You more, would You open the eyes of my heart to see the wonderful things in Your law?

Father, I confess that so often I live a life that does not honor You. My actions and my Words seem so far from You. But, I do want to live a life that pleases You, so I ask today for You to soften my heart to receive what Your sweet Spirit has to speak to me. Give me a hunger and a thirst for Your Word. As You reveal it to me, help me through the power of Your Holy Spirit to listen and obey. You tell me Your Word is living and active, like a double-edged sword. Father, I invite You to use it now to penetrate the deepest recesses in my heart.

Give me a heart that desires You and Your Truth above all else. Your Word tells me that if I lack Wisdom, I need only ask and You will give it liberally. So I ask today for a fresh filling of Your Wisdom. Give me the strength to walk in Your Truth, no matter the cost. Guard my heart and keep my eyes fixed on You. Grow in me the fruit of Your Spirit…those things that will make me more like You. As I study Your Word, fill me and saturate me with more of You!!

Today, Father, I surrender my past and look to the future, thanking You that I am a new creation. No matter what I have done before today, I have Hope in You to take all things and use them for Your good and the good of Your Kingdom. Thank You that You are Faithful. Thank You that I can make my plans but You will direct my steps. I trust in You to do a mighty work in me and through me this year and that You will carry it on to completion until the day I step into eternity with You.

Lord, I love You. Make my life a living testimony of Your Love. I ask this in the powerful and mighty name of Your Son, Jesus Christ my Lord who will do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine. AMEN.

Happy New Year everyone!!


Wendy Blight said...

Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog today and leave your thoughts and your beautiful prayer. I love how you set a perfect example for all to read of what the post was all about. What a great verse the Lord gave you for what you are seeking. You have truly blessed me to day.

Thank you also for sharing this prayer with others. I am honored that His message to me touched you this way.

Sweet blessings,


Cheri' said...

I love this post and the prayer! And I love New Year's too! I find it so wonderful to be able to start "fresh" on a new year of life. It always makes me remember when I first gave my life to Jesus and everything became new! I always get the same feeling at the beginning of a new year! Thanks again for the post! It's lovely! And it will be awesome to see what Jesus has in store for you throughout this coming year! Love you, dear friend!