Friday, January 29, 2010

favorite verse this week...

Tuesday I was doing some praying and searching... later while reading my friend Kathy's blog she pointed me to this verse and the Lord spoke volumes to me:

"It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat (or anxiously trying to get everything done); for God gives REST to His loved ones." Psalm 127:2

The Lord showed me that's what I had been doing. I was staying up REALLY late and then getting up super early in the morning trying to get all my homework done, trying to wrap my brain around all the concepts, trying to do everything well. All the while I felt like I wasn't understanding and the more I tried, the more I felt like I was drowning.

This week after dropping my Algebra class (and later struggling with that decision) God has had me resting physically but also coming to a point of resting in HIM. God has called me to the process of school and learning... but I am not alone in the process. I think I took on school and felt I had to conquer it all... like my grades and everything rode on me and my performance. The thing is... It's God calling... so He wants to be the one to conquer and bring victory... so I don't get the glory but He alone gets the Glory. Now I know that doesn't mean I sit back and do nothing at all but at the same time I have come to realize that it also doesn't mean I let it consume me!

He loves me... He has called me... He has chosen me.... He watches over my path and He will lead and guide me each step. My part? Is to listen to His voice and follow His leading.

Lord, forgive me for forgetting to REST in You.

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Cheri' said...

If you combine this post with the previous one about Moses, I believe it's evident God IS showing you He has been leading you and guiding toward your promised land. And, like Moses, you are learning to hear Him more clearly and trust Him when the way seems unclear. I'm proud of you! It's all going to work together for good! Your good -- and those whose lives you touch! Keep following the cloud! He's in control! I love you, my friend!