Wednesday, June 1, 2011

let go...

My paraphrase of a great quote I heard this morning:

Let go of the anxiety and stress of trying to figure things out... choose instead to focus on what is in front of you right now... give it to God and see how He will work things out.

So many times I get worked up... anxious and stressed out... trying to figure things out and answer all the "what if" and "what happens when" questions that run through my head. When I heard these words this morning... "let go" it just brought such freedom and peace to my heart.

This morning... for this moment in time... I let go of all anxiety & stress. I have NO fear or anxiety because I trust in the LORD with ALL of my heart! I will trust Him to work out every detail... every concern... every thing... because I know that He will work everything out for my good and His glory. He has a plan. All I have to do is let go and follow in His footsteps.

Thanks God for this great reminder!

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connecting with the soul said...

I know that feeling- I too am one who has to have it all figured out before I venture out. And ask those questions all the time. Thank you for this post, I need to start working on trusting in God and His plans for me.