Monday, May 16, 2011

so strange...

This place God has me in... I can't really explain it.
It's just a place of waiting... listening... a place where silent tears fall...
A place of just deepening my faith and trust in Him and the fact that... He is right here with me.
I struggle in this place because... I want answers... I long for the direction I seek... I long to KNOW what the next step is.
And yet... He whispers to me... wait.

Everywhere I turn there are little messages... don't give up... keep pressing forward... don't look back.
And yet I question...
Is it selfish of me to take my family into debt in order to pursue a dream... this call I feel that God has for me to fulfill?
I long... to be His hands and feet.
I long... to speak life into the hurting and broken.
I long... to comfort those in need of comforting.
I long... to share with others what God has done for me.
But where? How? With whom?

Lord, shine a light on the path YOU want me to take. Show me the right direction. Show me how to get there from here.
Forgive me for my doubts & fears. I know You're working on them. Please, help my unbelief.

"Twelve audacious faith confessions" from Steven Furtick's book Sun Stand Still:
1. I AM fully forgiven and FREE from ALL shame and condemnation.
2. I act in audacious faith to change the world in my generation.
3. I have NO fear or anxiety; I trust in the LORD with ALL my heart.
4. I AM able to fulfill the calling GOD has placed on my life.
5. I AM fully resourced to do everything GOD has called me to do.
6. I have NO insecurity, because I see myself the way GOD sees me.
7. I AM a faithful spouse and a godly mother - our family is blessed.
8. I AM completely whole - physically, mentally and emotionally.
9. I AM increasing in influence and favor for the kingdom of GOD.
10. I AM enabled to walk in the sacrificial love of Christ.
11. I have the wisdom of the LORD concerning EVERY decision I make.
12. I AM protected from all harm and evil in Jesus' Name!

He IS faithful and I WILL trust in the LORD! I will trust and not be afraid.
I will wait, yes, my soul will wait... patiently on the LORD.

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Connecting to the soul said...

I know waiting is so hard, I am with you in your prayer to have God give you the answers and comfort and strength to wait. Waiting is not fun. But much like a waiting room, you have one of the best books just waiting to be read- God's Word.