Thursday, December 2, 2010

From a Mother's heart....

Sometimes I wonder...
What you would look like
if you were still here with us today?
What would you be interested in?
Would you have lots of friends?
or would your brother & sister still be your
best friends?

You would be a senior this year...
and driving.
Would you be looking at colleges?
or would you be wanting to stay close
to home for one more year?

Would you be as tall as your brother?
or somewhere in between?
Would you still like kitty's?

But then I wonder....
What's heaven really like?
Do you play all day?
or do you just sit at the feet of Jesus?
Do the angels really sing forever?
Is it as beautiful as we imagine?
Do you miss us as much as we miss you?

I still love you
and miss your little hand in mine.
Even though I know you would be big now
I miss the sound of your voice
and the kisses you used to give me.
I miss the flowers you would bring me.
but mostly... I just miss you.

Say hello to Jesus for me.
And I hope you know that...
I will always
love you.


brittney said...

i love you mom.

Kate said...

This really touched me. Hugs to you.

Cheri' said...

What precious thoughts! Love you!