Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a concept...

So... I haven't blogged for a long time. School has kind of taken over my life and it seems all I do now is study, study, study! (Even more so than what I thought possible!) And yet... it doesn't seem like enough at times.

In the midst of all my studying, GOD has been working on my heart... chipping away at a life-time of insecurity issues that have dug deep grooves into my heart and mind. To touch very briefly on a much longer story... when I was a little girl I was deeply impacted by the hands and words of bullies and no one knew.... no one that is, except my Heavenly Father.

This past week while I was on fall "break" (I had to study for 3 mid-terms in the midst of my time "off) the Lord dug deep into my heart and ministered to the wounds of my little girl heart. In the end He told me that I had passed the test during that time... and during every hard time I have encountered since. I had one question... well, two questions at the end of that powerful time and that was... "Why didn't You stop it? Why did You allow it to happen in the first place?" At the time, He showed me that He did stop it. He caused my enemies to stumble and fall away. HE was the one who brought the torment to an end! However, in my heart though, I still wondered why the tests in my life.... both the ones I have encountered in the past as well as those I am currently taking at school.... I wondered why the enemy attacked so hard when I was little. Why are tests always so hard??? Tonight... I believe GOD spoke to my heart the answer in the form of a devotional I received through the Proverbs 31 ministries:

"Confident in Job, God allowed the testing."

When I read that little sentence I heard instead, "Confident in Bonnelle, God allowed the testing." It was just amazing to me as the realization washed over me that GOD... the Maker of the Universe... the LORD of Heaven's Armies.... is confident and believes in little 'ole me!! Now I am sure I've heard this at some point before but for some reason tonight... it just had a powerful impact on me. HE believes in me and that's why He allowed the testing... the testing at the hand of bullies... the testing of a little girl left alone... the testing of a mom who lost her son... the testing of Leukemia, job loss and the loss of both my parents... the testing of heartbreak and wrong doing... the testing of taking some of the hardest classes I have ever encountered!! HE believes in me!!

God had confidence in the fact that Job would come out on top. God knew that Job wouldn't turn his back on Him when the going got rough. Oh Job struggled and didn't always see God in the midst of his trial and at times... Job wanted to give up and lay down and die! In the end though Job knew that GOD was GOD and that He had the power and the authority to give and take away and who was he to question His Sovereignty?!

There have been many times where I wanted to give up. Times where I didn't understand or see God in the midst of my test. Times where I felt like I was all alone. Times where I couldn't hear His voice. And yet... my heart clings to the hope that He is still there... holding onto me while I am trying to hold onto HIM.

What an awesome concept... GOD is confident in ME!

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Kate said...

Bonnelle, what an amazing revelation. And a great post!