Sunday, January 15, 2012

simply put...

He has chosen me and He will never EVER abandon me!!

He is right by my side... ALWAYS! He will Protect me... He will ALWAYS keep me... He will guard me and by my shelter. 

The opposite of abandon is KEEP. 

He will always KEEP me... He won't ever throw me away... He will tend to me and watch over me... He will never take His eyes off of me... He is in "perfect attendance" to my every step. The Lord HIMSELF watches over me and KEEPs me. 

As I start a new semester tomorrow... these were just wonderful words of assurance that I needed to hear tonight. I love that as I walk into a new day tomorrow... He will be right by my side and He won't leave me... EVER. When I look at the mountain before me... I know that my help will come from the Lord... the Maker of heaven and earth... my Protector and ever present help. 

He is just SO good!


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